The Nambucca Valley has an excellent choice of speciality food
Nambucca Valley has always been known for it’s beef, bananas, fish, oysters, macadamias and a range of fruits and vegetables – but there’s more!
  • Nambucca Valley bananas have a flavour all of their own. They may not be as big as those produced in Queensland but they are certainly much tastier. This may be attributed to the longer growing period - this is the most southern region where they are commercially grown. Nambucca bananas are available throughout the year at local fruit shops and roadside stalls. Why not get a photograph holding a bunch!
  • Macksville could be the Sausage Capital of New South Wales with local butchers taking out major awards in the National Meat Association “Sausage King” competition. Macksville Quality Meats, Pacific Highway & Dangerous Dans Butchery, Princess Street are regular winners at the Sydney Royal Show. The famous Jolly Jumbuck Sausages feature a hearty mix of lamb, a combination of continental herbs and spices and Australian Bush Tucker ingredients. The legend surrounding the recipe is almost as tasty as the Jolly Jumbuck - but thats another story! You will find a huge range of products using local meats enhanced by bush tucker flavours.
  • Nambucca Valley Oysters are known worldwide and fetch a premium price at the Sydney Fish Markets. The Nambucca River, between Stuart Island Golf Club and Gumma is known to Oyster Farmers as "a sweet spot". Quality control ensures that only the highest quality product is marketed. Ask for them at your favourite restaurant or seafood supply store - also available at some roadside fruit stalls. We suggest you call Oyster 1 (Phone 02 6568 5499) or Nambucca River Oysters (Phone 02 6568 7450) on the highway a few kilometres south of Nambucca Heads where these local oyster farmers can supply you the very best and tell you all about this tasty treat.
  • It is a well-accepted fact that the best Macadamia nuts in the world are grown in their native land - Australia. Growers consider that the best in Australia are grown in the Nambucca Valley - maybe it is that great climate working again! Therefore, Nambucca Macnuts are the best of the best! Macadamias are not only delicious to eat - they are also very good for you. Nambucca Macnuts has a processing plant at Macksville where you can purchase some of their tasty, healthy products. Visit for more information and a range of products. Nambucca Macnuts: 77 Yarrawonga St, Macksville 6568 4210 
  • Valley of the Mist Bush Fruits & Nuts, North Congarinni Rd Macksville is a sustainable farm using organic practices just 4km west of Macksville. Amid remnants of natural rainforest and wetlands, Denis Ryan grows Macadamia Nuts, Davidson Plums, Lillypillys, Lemon Myrtle, Aniseed Myrtle, Warrigal Spinach and other gems. These are used to make delicious salad dressings, sauces, jams, and marinades and are the secret ingredients in Dangerous Dan’s sausages. Gourmet Bushtucker Tours are conducted by appointment Phone 6568 3268 
  • The V Wall Taverns Bluewater Brasserie is a regular finalist in the AHA Best Bistro awards. Fine foods and superb views make this a memorable eating experience. Wellington Drive, Nambucca Heads 6568 6394 
  • The Bank Cafe & Gallery Bowraville is a great spot to enjoy morning and afternoon teas or lunch. Fresh, local (often home grown) products are used. A range of jams, chutneys, sauces are available Ph. 6564 7677
  • The pub immortalised in song has ensured they will never run out again! The Pub With No Beer, Taylors Arm is a beer lovers’ nirvana providing award winning handcrafted beers and unique beer-inspired and matched food – Burgers to a la carte dishes utilising quality regional produce. 6564 2101
  •  The riverside Bridge Cafe, Macksville will be a hard place to leave. This is one of the few remaining old-style Greek Cafes in NSW - chocolates, cakes, biscuits and pastries, generous burgers, sandwiches, milkshakes and icy cold fruit drinks make this traditional 50s style milkbar an ideal resting point - check out the old posters on display.
  • Davis Seafoods, 5 Riverside Dve Nambucca Heads is a 120 year long established family fishing business now into the 4th generation. Fresh local fish and seafood is always available so if you cant manage to catch your own, this is the place to go. Phone 6568 6624.
  • Anyone who has stayed in Nambucca Heads knows Matilda’s Restaurant on Wellington Drive – this little restaurant has a big reputation! Be spoilt with the freshest ocean & river seafood, and mouth-watering steaks – complimented by crisp garden salads and finish up with a superb homemade dessert. Phone 02 6568 6024.
  • River Edge Indian Restaurant on the corner of Browra Street and Wellington Drive in Nambucca Heads (phone 6568 9880) welcomes discerning diners to the true flavours of Indian cuisine. 
  • For one of the finest dining experience in the Nambucca Valley, visit the Jaaning Tree Restaurant. Perched on the banks of the River Nambucca, the restaurant’s position has to be one of the best on the Mid North Coast. Walk, drive or float to Jaaning Tree for breakfast, lunch or dinner and you’ll be guaranteed a unique dining experience. 8/1 Wellington Drive, Nambucca Heads, ph: 6569 4444.
  • If your memories are of Banana Splits, Sundaes, Snow Cones, Spiders or Cones filled with delicious icecream, then Rose’s Icecream Parlour River Street Macksville is the place to go. Enjoy tasty sweet snacks in comfort beside the river or grab a cone to take away. 
  • For the best in Belgium chocolates, hand-made on premises, and enjoy a café service at the same time, come and experience Ranae’s Choclatique , 78 High Street, Bowraville.
  • Why not try a different coffee shop/ café every day – as well as those listed there’s Short Order Café and Marilynn’s in Macksville; the Bookshop, Surf eit Cafes in Nambucca; – you may even find some more!
  • Put a bit of delight into your day when you visit Wild Terra Bakery 29 Bowra St, Nambucca Heads. The great range of delicious snacks and breads and the friendly, helpful, smiling staff will make your day.
  • Not food – but almost as good – are Perry’s Rainforest products made using the distinctive Lemon Myrtle plant. Dried leaf (delicious as a tea or in seafood cooking), hand cream, soaps and lip balm form the original range with more products being added. Ph. 6564 2322 or 6564 2150 
 This listing is only a sample of Nambucca Valley products. We have dairy farms, early season stone fruit orchards, honey, avocados, citrus, peas, beans, watermelons and a host of other crops. There are restaurants and coffee shops overlooking the sea, the river, rainforests and gardens - no one will ever go hungry! Stop by at the roadside stalls for locally grown and homemade products and enjoy a special Nambucca Valley Picnic.
Cuisine is more than food products and great meals - it is the atmosphere, hospitality and lifestyle of a region. The unspoilt Nambucca Valley has been a favoured family holiday destination for over fifty years. It is now becoming a "short break escape" for city dwellers. This area has not been commercialised like many other coastal towns - here fast food is a fresh hamburger often too big to get your mouth around! You may even have to wait while your selection of fish is cooked - and chips are usually old fashioned, real potato ones! 
 Enjoy the tastes of the Nambucca - the food, the hospitality and the lifestyle.