A place of spectacular extremes, the landscape of Dunggir alternates between sharp ridges of eucalypt forest and deep ravines of rainforest. This harsh geography is a refuge for many threatened animals, including yellow-bellied gliders, powerful owls and the koalas from which the park takes its name. Dunggir means koala in the language of the local Gumbaynggir Aboriginal people.

Dunggir National Park

Picnic areas and walking tracks are still being developed in this new park. In the mean time, you can take a scenic drive to the top of Bowra Sugarloaf Mountain and from Kosekai Lookout youll enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding forests and all the way to the coast.

Dunggir is the Gumbaynggir word for koala, one of ten threatened animal found in this forested mountain park. Three types of rainforests are found here plus sclerophyll forest dominated by blackbutt, brushbox and turpentine.

For those with a taste for rugged ridges, Dunggir offers a drive through a variety of forest communities with bird-watching and photography. From your car you will see giant old-growth tallowwoods and graceful burrawang cycads. The park is 20 KM west of Macksville and access roads are unsealed dry-weather roads. The best route is from Bowraville, via North Arm, Buckrabendinni and Hanging Rocks Roads.

Kosekai Lookout on Kosekai Road is a focal point for your visit, with its great views over the lower Nambucca and Macleay Valleys.