Macksville Gift (re-scheduled) professional foot race

Buz Brazel Oval, Scotts Head and evening celebrations at Scotts Head Bowling Club

Saturday, February 29, 2020 9:00am - 5:00pm

The Macksville Gift is a professional athletics carnival run under the patronage of the NSW Athletics League. It was established in 1953.

This year's MACKSVILLE GIFT will be a memorable one! Re-scheduled due to road closures/fires/smoke & poor air quality. The 66th Annual MACKSVILLE GIFT will be held at Buz Brazel Park, SCOTTS HEAD on FEB 29, 2020! Our committee is excited to work with the Scotts Head Community to put on a great day of Professional Footraces & Family Fun! We invite you to Experience Scotts Head, a beautiful coastal town in our Nambucca Valley!

read about the postponement of the event published in the Guardian News on 25/11/2019 click HERE. 


Buz Brazel Park, Scotts Head

Feb 29, 2020

Event Programme


9:00am                        Gates OPEN / Canteen & Food Carts OPEN

                                    Welcome to Country / Official Opening

                                    Kids Activities - Ninja Run and Chopperville Inflatables OPEN 
                                    REGISTRATION for SUBWAY Kids Age Races OPEN

9:30am                        SUBWAY Macksville Kids Age Races (2-14 years)

                                    Kids Age Race Presentations (between heats)

10:15am                      Heats and Semi-Finals begin (70 Sprint, 120m Novice Heats, 120m
                                    Gift Heats, Women’s / Master’s, Junior U18 Race, 70 Sprints Semis,
                                    U12 heats, 120m Gift Semi’s & 300m Open Handicap)

1:00pm                        Dancers from VPAC perform             

1:35pm                       Banana Hurl Heats

2:00pm                       Kid Novelty Races

                                    (Egg & Spoon, 3 Legged Race & Sack Race – Age Handicaps)

2:35pm                       Female & Male Amateur Sprint (Nambucca Shire ONLY)         

2:55pm                       Banana Hurl Finals

3:25pm                       Finals (300m Open Handicap - U12 70m - 70 Sprints – 120m Novice –
                                   120m Junior – 120m Women’s / Master’s )

4:25pm                       Gift Finals Introduction and National Anthem

4:35pm                       Macksville Gift Final & Relay Race

5:00pm                       Women’s Skins Finals / Men’s Skins Finals

6:15pm                        Presentation & Entertainment @ Club Scotts

Thank you for attending the 66th Annual Macksville Gift!

Join us for Sash/Medal Presentations & Live Band ‘The New Black’

@ ‘Scotts Head Bowling Club’.

Saturday FEB 29th, 2020

Race Schedule Timetable


9:00am           GATES OPEN / Kids Age Race Registration OPEN

9:20am            Acknowledgement to Country / Official Opening

9:30am            60m SUBWAY Macksville Kids Age Races (2-4 years)

9:40am            60m SUBWAY Macksville Kids Age Races (5-7 years)

9:50am            60m SUBWAY Macksville Kids Age Races (8-10 years)

10:00am          60m SUBWAY Macksville Kids Age Races (11-14 years)

                        Kids Age Races – Presentation in Kids Area (between adult heats)


10:15am         70m Sprint Heats – Cath Miles Memorial              - Geoff King Motors
10:45am         120m Novice Heats                                                                - Bernard Laverty Funerals
11:05pm          120m Macksville Gift Heats                                                  - Club Scotts

11:40pm         120m Women/Masters Heats Robyn Marsay Memorial    - Macksville Automotive Service Centre
12:00pm         120m Junior Race Heats (U18) Alan Smith Memorial       - Soulitude Health
12:15pm         70m Sprint Semi - Finals – Cath Miles Memorial              - Geoff King Motors
12:25pm         70m Under 12 Sprint Heats                                                  - SUBWAY Macksville
12:45pm         120m Macksville Gift Semi Finals                                        - Club Scotts
1:00pm           300m Open Handicap Barry Fuller Memorial Heats       - Macksville Ex-Services Club


1:15pm            VPAC Dancers Perform (20min)

1:35pm            Banana Hurl Heats      (30 min)                                                   - Australian Bananas

2:05pm            Kids Novelty Races – Egg & Spoon Race (Age Handicaps)     – Majestic Cinema

2:15pm            Kids Novelty Races – 3 Legged Race (Age Handicaps)             –  Majestic Cinema

2:25pm            Kids Novelty Races – Sack Race (Age Handicaps)        –  Majestic Cinema


2:35pm               Nambucca Shire Female Amateur Sprint Guardian               - The Miles Family
2:45pm           Nambucca Shire Male Amateur Sprint Miles Family     - Soulitude Health & B.Wright NSWAL
2:55pm            Banana Hurl Finals  (30 min)                                                  - Australian Bananas


3:25pm           300m Open Handicap                                                             - Macksville Ex-Services Club
3:35pm           70m Junior Under 12 Final                                        - SUBWAY Macksville
3:45pm           70m Sprint Final – Cath Miles Memorial                            - Geoff King Motors
3:55pm           120m Novice Final                                                                  - Bernard Laverty Funerals
4:05pm           120m Junior Final (U18) – Alan Smith Memorial               – Soulitude Health
4:15pm           120m Women/Masters – Robyn Marsay Memorial             – Macksville Automotive Service Centre

4:25pm            Gift Intro and National Anthem by ‘Dianne Coombes’

4:35pm           Macksville Gift Final                                                                Club Scotts

4:45pm           State of Origin Relay                                                                - Scotts Head Little A’s

5:00pm           Womens Skins                                                                           – Nambucca Taxi’s
5:10pm           Men’s Skins                                                                               – Bridgestone Select N/Heads

6:15pm           Sash/Medal Presentations, Raffle & Entertainment @ CLUB SCOTTS


*Start times subject to change. Please ensure you are present & ready to go 30 min before your scheduled race*

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