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Nambucca MacNuts Pty. Ltd.

Location: 48 Yarrawonga Street, Macksville, NSW, 2447
Phone: 02 6568 4210
Fax: 02 6568 4213

Nambucca Macnuts Pty Ltd collect, process and market the majority of Nambucca Valley's production of macadamia nuts.



The soils in the Nambucca Valley are rich and balanced and complemented by a sub tropical climate, provide the ideal environment for producintg outstanding quality nuts.
An excellent product, management expertise, top of the line processing equipment and a demonstrated commitment to customer service will enable the Company to stay at the forefront of it's industry.
Macnuts are proud of their track record in building and maintaining client relationships which is reflected by significant repeat business.
The Company is confident that their products are the benchmark against which other macadamias are compared.
To find out more about their range of quality products call on +61[2]6568 4210 or email

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